Oh, Paul….

Disturbing. Yet, the way in which the “Way to go, Paul” comment is delivered, as if the woman is flat out bored by the whole thing, leads us to believe that perhaps this is not the first time Paul’s behavior … Read More

NOOOO! That’s a candy bar?!

Keith Yandle is hilarious.  Who knew? An excerpt and video from Arizona Coyotes Blogger James Tanner’s article on HOCKEY BUZZ yesterday: “…The real star of last night’s game though, was this intermission piece on what are apparently strange Canadian foods.”   … Read More

Backyard Hockey

It was after midnight and minus-20 C, and when he went to check he realized seven-year-old Hayley had slipped out of her bed, dressed in full gear and was out working on her shot in the dark…. Read more at: … Read More